zk0x: Sona: hmm..Sona: my team stirs the chaotic dinner. Sona:...

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Sona: hmm..
Sona: my team stirs the chaotic dinner.
Sona: jinx isn’t here…
Sona: hmm, time for me to go ap then.
Sona: I’m going to left direction to avoid 1v5.

As I mentioned in twitch that I’m going to have a huge update on twitch appearance. I’ve been looking for the best artists and cosplayers. Cosplay commission is VERY new to me. I’m sure few of you know what I’m going to do with this picture! YES!! PENTAKILL!!!!! YAHHOOOOO!!!!!! This amazing cosplayer knew how to make herself look like Sona! Now, it’s time to look for jinx cosplayer!! I have one jinx cosplayer in my mind. Let’s hope she would agree! :) follow Sona, I followed her from the moment I found her Sona make up YouTube.
Artist/cosplayer: @xenon_cosplay
Twitch: jinx_engineer